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Mycred Integration

Mycred History Tab Not Working ? 1.  Go to Wordpress Dashboard > Points > Settings. 2. Open the "Buddypress" tab settings.3. Set "Points History" to "Show In Profile".4. Check the option "Members can view each others points history".

How to install Mycred Badges ? 1. After installing Mycred Plugin : Go to Points > Add-ons.3. Install "Badges" Add on. Ps: On how to add badges please check the topic below : ...

How to Disable Mycred Specific option ? 1. Go to Wordpress Dashboard > Points > Hooks. 2. Click on the hook you want to deactivate.3. Set the value of the option "Points" you want to 0.4. Click "Save" and that's it.

How to Remove Youzify MyCred Hook ? 1. Go to Wordpress Dashboard > Points > Hooks. 2. Click on the hook you want to deactivate. 3. Then a new options will appear ! 4. Click the "Delete" Buttons. 5. Done !

How to enable Youzify Points ? 1. Go to Wordpress Dashboard > Points > Hooks ( You will find all the youzify hooks on this page ) .  2. Click on the title of the hook you want to activate ! 3. A new options will appear, then click on "Add Hook". ...