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How to get App ID & App secret key for Telegram social login?

In order to get application ID and secret key from Telegram API, we need to create a telegram bot. Kindly follow these steps to create our own telegram bot:-

1) Open telegram mobile app and search for 'BotFather' in contacts. You will find it with verified badge from telegram.

2) Start chatting with BotFather by typing:-


3) Now it will list out all the commands available, please type the following to create a new bot:-


4) BotFather will prompt to choose a name for your bot, which can be any user friendly name. Example:-

My Youzify Bot

5) Now it will ask to choose a unique username to your bot and it must end in 'bot'. Example:-


6) Congratulations! Now BotFather will send a confirmation message along with HTTP API key which should be used in Youzify social login settings > Telegram settings > Application Secret text field. An example secret key will look like this(please remove spaces if any):-


7) The final step is to set domain for your bot which should be your website URL. To set domain, please type:-


8) BotFather will ask you to choose your bot since we can have any number of bots, please choose your bot from the list. It can be done by typing your unique bot name with prefix @


9) Next you can type your website URL and press enter:-

10) You should get a confirmation message as following:-

Success! Domain updated.

Finally you need to use your unique bot name(ex: youzifylogin_bot) in Youzify social login settings > Telegram settings > Application ID field.

That's it. If you find any difficulty, kindly consider creating a ticket in our ticksy portal :)