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Remove Dropdown Profile Menu

1. Please go to your FTP/CPanel, and go to "wp-content/plugins"

2. Create a new file and name it with "bp-custom.php" (if you already have it, please just open it)

3. Put this snippet on the file

 * Remove Profile Account Menu.
function yzc_remove_profile_account_menu( $links ) {
    unset( $links['logout'] );
    return $links;
add_filter( 'youzify_get_profile_account_menu', 'yzc_remove_profile_account_menu' );

Change 'logout' with any menu you want to remove

  • Widgets page >> 'widgets'
  • Avatar Page >> 'change-photo'
  • Profile Settings Page >> 'profile'
  • Account Settings Page >> 'account'
  • Password Page >> 'change-password'
  • Logout Button >> 'Logout'

PS: if you already have a file with another snippet there, please do not copy the <?php code