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How to Upgrade Youzer to Youzify

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are doing fine.

Please follow the steps below to upgrade safely from Youzer to Youzify.

0. Take a full backup of the site and make sure all Youzer patches from old versions already done (Very Important).

1. Keep old Youzer active ( This step is important to copy old sidebars on Youzify activation ).

2. Deactivate All Youzer Old Add-ons.

3. If you are using bp-custom.php, we will need to avoid making the site going down because of missing functions by disabling it temporarily. You can disable it by renaming the file from "bp-custom.php" to "bp-custom-backup.php". But don't worry we will re-enable it back after few steps.

4. Install Youzify and activate it. 

5. Deactivate Youzer.

6. Go to tab Youzify panel > General Settings > Upgrade Youzer to Youzify ( tab ) in the bottom and run all the patches once by one, don't run 2 patches at the same time.

7. Take a quick look at the site to confirm that everything is okay. in case you found any issues please reach our support team at, and we will be very happy to help you as quickly as possible.

8. Go to and download new addons, and install them as we changed the name of the files that's why they need to be updated manually but after that, you can update them automatically as always.

9. Delete Youzer and all old Youzer add-ons.

10. if you are using any Youzer shortcodes, please change them with the newest ones. Please check this article >>

11. If you are using Youzer custom snippets, go to the file "bp-custom-backup.php" we renamed in step 3 and change all the prefixes below if found:

- Change the prefix "yz_" into "youzify_"

- Change the prefix "youzer_" into "youzify_"

- Change the prefix "yz-" to "youzify-"

Once you finish editing the prefixes you can now rename the file "bp-custom-backup.php" into "bp-custom.php" again.

12. If you use custom template Override inside the folder "wp-content/themes/your active theme", please change folder name "youzer" with "youzify". Please check this article >>

For any problems regarding this upgrade, we are here to help. don't hesitate to contact us.

We will be by your side till you get everything working fine 100%.

Ps: You can reach our support team, and we will be happy to change them.

Stay safe.

Best Regards, KaineLabs Team.