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How to change profile layout?

Youzer profile contain 3 main sections: Header, Navbar, and Content. in this topic we will guide you on how to change the layout of each one of them.

01. How to change Header Style?

You can choose from 14 Header styles: 08 Horizontal Layouts, 06 Vertical Layouts.

You can change the header layout by checking this below:

02. How to change Navbar Layout?

You can change the navbar layout by checking this below:

03. How to change content layout?

Go to Youzer Panel > Profile Settings > Profile Structure.

Now you can choose from 3 layouts:

- 2 Columns : Content + Left Sidebar

- 2 Columns: Content + Right Sidebar

- 3 Columns: Content + 2 Sidebars

If you selected the "3 Columns" layout, a new options box will appear:

1. The first option is to set a different columns layout for profile tabs that requires more space.

2. The second option "Vertical Header Position", in case you are using a vertical header layout you can choose which sidebar you wanna place the header the left side or the right side.

- If you select 3 columns layout and you found that the page width is small, you can go to "Youzer Panel > General Settings > Pages Content Width" and increase the width into 1300px or any other value you want.