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Show Static Data on Member Card Without Need Hover the Mouse

Please put CSS below to Youzify Panel >> general Settings >> Custom Styling Settings >>     Members Directory Styling Settings box

[data-yztooltip]::after {
  visibility: unset;
  opacity: 100;
  bottom: -150%;
  color: #000;
  font-size: 12px;
  font-weight: 600;
  padding: 0px;
  background: transparent;
  white-space: nowrap;
  white-space: inherit;
[data-yztooltip]::before {
   border-top-color: transparent !important;
.yzm-user-statistics .yz-data-item {
   padding: 0px 25px 2px 25px !important;
.yzm-user-statistics {
#yz-members-list .is-current-user.yz-show-cover .yzm-user-actions {
    height: 221px !important;

Please note, this CSS only can works fine if you only show 4 statistics or less on the member card.