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How to Setup Premium Visitor Type

With this feature, your NON PREMIUM roles will see this widget. This will encourage members to upgrade their membership to be able to unlock those who saw their profiles from premium accounts.

1. Please go to Youzify Panel >> Extensions Settings >> Who Viewed My Profile Settings 2. Scroll down, and then click "Add New Premium Visitors Type"

3. And then set the Name, Singular Name, Plural Name, Description, Upload image, button text, and color. Please note, for "Name", use all "LOWERCASE" letter and "NO SPACE". For example: premium, premiumuser, or preium-user

4. Set which roles can assign to this premium type. That's mean, if you assign Subscriber and Editor, these roles will not see the widget as they already assigned as Premium.

But if you assign Subscriber only, then Subscriber will not see it but Editor will see it.

5. Click Save and you will see a Premium Visitors Type added


Please use this shortcode to show the widget

[youzify_premium_visitors_type type_id="premiumuser"]

Change "premiumuser" with Type Name

You can put the shortcode as Custom Widget. Check this article to find how to create custom widget

How to create new custom widget ?

And to order where you want to put that custom widget, please go to Youzify Panel >> Profile Settings >> Profile Structure