Youzify (formerly Youzer)

How to Change Youzify Font Type?

To change Font on Youzify pages, you can achieve it by using CSS. Please do these steps:

1. First, please install this plugin on your website

2. After the plugin installed, please go to Appearance >> Customize >> Google Fonts >> Advanced Settings >> Loads Font Only >>  Choose any font you want and click Published.

3. Next step, please go to Google Font, and choose any font you want. Here is the link:

4. Click "+ Select This Style"

5. Click "embed" tab. And Copy "CSS Rules to specify families"

6. And then copy entire CSS code from link below and put it on Youzify Panel > General Settings > Custom Styling Settings.

To know how to put Custom CSS, please check this article

7. And then, replace

font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; 

With font CSS rules you have copied before. For example:

font-family: 'Indie Flower', cursive;

8 Save the settings, and then clear your browser cache and site cache (if you use any cache plugin).