Youzify (formerly Youzer)

How to override Youzify templates ?

You can edit some structure of Youzify pages (Activity, Profile, members directory etc) by override Youzify template files. You need to create a directory called ‘youzify’ inside your WordPress theme or Child Theme folder and placing all the template files you want to change inside that folder (preserving directories structure).

So your directory will look something like this:



Let’s say you want to customize some text on Buddypress members directory page, you will be copying the file index.php which is located here:


to here:


Ps: You will find all Youzify templates on the path "youzify/includes/public/templates/"

Update: Since Youzify 3.0.0 version, We added support for bbPress Override template. You just need to create a folder named bbPress inside youziy folder.